Remembering, Fragility & Transformation




When I woke up this morning I was met with the news that some people who work for the same company I do had been killed overnight. Though I did not know them and no one at this early stage knows what happened the whole thing shook me to my core. I feel for their families and friends. But I suppose what hit me even closer is another reminder of how fragile life is at any point. I think I first fully realized it in my adult life when my father died. I was there in the house when the paramedics were trying everything they could to save my dad and then at the hospital for the last attempt but it was not to be. It all happened in a span of less than twenty minutes to half an hour I think. My whole memory of time then is a bit foggy but it was not long. It was unexpected and had far reaching effects on many. In one instance a friend of my father who was a Baltimore City Police Officer, upon hearing of my father’s death, put in his papers to retire the next day. I have learned not to take any day for granted. And at times have struggled to appreciate each and every one but I am happy for them, good and bad.

In memory of my fellow workers today I posted the picture of the butterfly to remind myself how fragile we can be while still being strong and being able to transform ourselves many times throughout our lives. In the second picture you have to look close to see the two dragonflies but they are there almost side by side as I am sure the two were today. The last picture is actually taken in the parking lot where I work in the very back corner where no one every goes but I have to check there to make sure everything is clear every afternoon and evening. I thought they were beautiful against the concrete.

I appreciate you all and you mean a lot to me. Many thanks for the support you give and thanks for reading. Blessings and Namaste.

10 thoughts on “Remembering, Fragility & Transformation

  1. Very poignant telling of your dad’s passing, Becca. It’s one of life’s hardest surprises….finding out that the ones you love are not invincible. I find, that while I acknowledge and accept the fragility of life, sudden losses always give me a knock in the head. You’d think, at this stage, I’d be used to it.

    The upside is, I think, that knowing that fragility is there, it helps us to appreciate and love the beauty around us when we look through impermanent eyes.

    Anyway, your post, as always, gave me pause….in a very good way. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you. As always, I am never sure how much or how little to share.
      I really enjoyed the stars out tonight and found out the star hanging out with the moon tonight is so many more times larger than our sun it makes our sun look like a dot. The sizes out there in the universe are truly incredible and mind blowing.

  2. I too am learning not to take for granted the time I have, whatever it is. My husband’s coworker lost his wife (my age) very suddenly last month, so much changes in just a moment. I don’t want to waste a minute on unimportant things! Most of all, I just want to be with my husband, even if it is just taking a walk, working around the house, watching a favorite TV show……and of course, having the dogs right beside us! Life is so precious! I am sorry about your coworkers…how sad.
    Enjoy your pictures, thanks for sharing! Take care!

    • Thanks. Everything is always put into perspective when we least expect it. Some people learn and grow from it while others become bitter. I always hope to grow even if I become angry at first. Always trying to transform. Thanks for sharing. And I too am sorry for the loss in you and your husband’s life.

  3. I have followed your blog for some time, after following a link from Maria Wulf’s blog. I’m one of the quiet ones who read but don’t comment, but always appreciate your sharing your thoughts and experiences. I’m putting 2 and 2 together here and was also shaken by the loss of your co-workers because my son is in the same industry, not same company, but same occupation. I appreciate your love of nature, a source of renewal. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. I always love to hear from people. The company I work for is very strict on how they are presented in the public and we are not allowed to post pictures. I am always careful to not mention them by name on the blog, facebook and twitter so they cannot come after me though I do not speak of them in an ill manner. I often take pictures of sunsets while I am at work, also rainbows or hot air balloons but cannot post them as they have a truck or tractor trailer in the corner of the picture bearing the company’s logo. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Your son has my utmost respect. It is not an easy job he does and I wish him all the best. I hope to hear from you again on the blog. Many thanks.

  4. It made me so sad to read this, Becca. To hear of your co-workers passing and then to read about your Dad… It reminds me of when my father passed and how surreal that moment was when I received the call. I had seen him just 5 days before at my son’s 2nd B-day party and afterwards I told my husband that I didn’t think he had much longer. But, still, when my mother called to say he had “gone”, I asked, “where?”. I still think about that moment.
    I know how long we have known each other, but reading entries like this make me wish I had known you better in school. You always struck me me as a very kind person, with a similar phone number, :-). But now I wish we had been better friends. Sending you much love and prayers. K

    • It is odd and surrealy how those phone calls can be. Thanks for the love and prayers and sending them your way too. I think in school I was a bit too shy to get to know many people. And I did not realize until I hit thirty I was nerd and a geek. Funny no one ever told me but boy it hit me in the face then.

  5. Cleaning our my computer today and catching up with some of the readings I missed…This is lovely. It is painful to lose those we love, but truly our losses make us appreciate everything in a new way! thanks! jane

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