A Clam, An Oyster & The Night Sky





We are expecting a fair amount of snow in the morning. So yesterday I did my grocery shopping, book and magazine shopping and stocked up on my sangria and mead wine. I always hope for a state of emergency with a travel restriction as that is the only time my night time job closes. Otherwise you better show up-rain, snow, sleet, hurricane or tornado. I enjoyed the freedom of having time to prepare and also living alone I only have to worry about myself.

Today I went and checked on two properties I care for and took the pictures above. I wanted to make sure the properties were fine before the snow and ice hit. It was fifty five degrees today and gray. I walked the property by the river and enjoyed the Canada geese and hundreds of bufflehead ducks on the river. I loved hearing them call along with the cows across the river. I got a kick out of finding the clam and oyster on the bank of the river. Not sure if high tide put them there or birds but I enjoyed seeing them. I stood on the riverbank for a while watching the birds on the river and just feeling the winds blow. It is hard to believe we are getting a major storm in a few hours.

Tonight while hunkering down in my cozy apartment I decided I needed to stop living in a semi limbo. I had not hung up some pictures as I was not sure if I would have to take them down to move. But tonight I hung three pictures and decided that I need to remember to live mindfully and not so far in the future. The new owners may want me to stay on.

I have found myself very connected lately to nature and in tune with what is happening around me. I loved working for a coworker this past week and being able to work outside at night. I enjoyed beautiful sunsets, zodiacal light, a rainbow, the space station and a meteor. Standing outside at night with the stars, planets, dark matter and all the universe I feel centered and connected, at peace.

So with the oncoming snow and cold I wish for all of you-happiness, peace and warmth. And in closing one final shot that spring is not too far away.


I myself will know spring is here with the spring peepers!
Happy March!

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