Family, Friends and Love






Over the last two weekends I have connected with friends and family. Last weekend I met my cousin Laura and her wife Christina in St. Michaels, the next town over from me. I was unable to attend their wedding due to work so it was my first time meeting Christina. She is a wonderful person and I am so happy that she makes Laura so happy and vise versa. We ate the Crab Claw and had ice cream at Justine’s. I look forward to spending more time with them in the future.

This past weekend I met up with my friends Aleq and Jake. We went to lunch to start are day and were amused that the hostess was determined to sit Aleq next to me despite Jake and Aleq being a couple. We arranged ourselves so that I was on one side of the table and they were on the other. We had a great lunch and headed to the Unicorn Bookstore in Trappe. I found two books and may have to go back get a book on Norman Rockwell. Aleq found a book on history and Jake was delighted to find two books on lighthouses of the mid-Atlantic. We spent about forty five minutes in the store and then headed to the Blackwater Wildlife Refuge. It was a perfect time to go as it was cloudy, cool with showers. We saw so many Great Blue Herons, Great Egrets, bald eagles, ospreys, red winged black birds and red headed woodpeckers. We were even lucky enough to see the rare Delmarva Fox Squirrel. And the best part was no mosquitoes. After the refuge we headed to Easton and Jake asked if we could stop at the Quaker Meetinghouse. I’ve enclosed a picture of the meetinghouse, the cemetery around the meetinghouse and a very tall tree on the grounds. I got into an interesting discussion about reincarnation with Aleq while walking the grounds. It is a beautiful place to think and just be.

Tonight I visited my mom and stepdad for dinner and to give my stepdad his Father’s Day gift as they were out of town on Father’s Day. We walked around their gardens after dinner and mom and I have planned on attending two art shows in DC. I was able to get two pictures of Abby my stepdads cat. I will post a picture of her later. She has aged since she stayed with me but is still spry and energetic but she is old lady cat at 17 or 18. I missed caring for her this winter.

In my personal life I am enjoying a relationship with a man younger than myself. I love his company and after one brief discussion about our age difference we agreed it was not an issue though I had thought it might be. I get tired of the labels people have when an woman dates a younger man. I enjoy his intelligence and he mine. He has never said anything about all my books and reading a problem I have had with others and we can discuss astrophysics. I love it. We are taking everything a day at a time and will see where it goes. He doesn’t mind my work schedule nor I his. And I found out he used to own horses. He walked in to my place while I was watching dressage. He sat down and watched it with while asking questions. What a blessing that was and I hope this goes somewhere but if it does not I have enjoyed the journey.

I hope you are enjoying your journey, be true to yourself and have fun.

One thought on “Family, Friends and Love

  1. Enjoy life and what it brings, Becca, and always try to do it on your own terms. And thanks for all your shadings and innate wisdom.
    Peace always.

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