Sunflowers, Photography & Peace






What a beautiful two days we have had weather wise in my area. I have enjoyed photographing bees and dragonflies as well as flowers. I think my photos reflect my joy and happiness.

I get into a zone while focusing on photography. I almost feel like I am at one with the universe much the same feeling I get while stargazing or communicating with animals. Today I was drawn to the gardens at the many places I pet sit. I love the sunflower. When I photographed it tonight I found ten tiny bees on the seeds. I photographed many dragonflies today too. I know in some cultures dragonflies represent spirits of loved one. I had about fifty dragonflies swirling around me at one point.

As you know I love the elderly sheep. Tonight three came up to me to get their ears, chins and backs scratched. I just feel love pouring out of these ladies. I still miss the old black sheep who died earlier this year. She was a talker.

I feel a peace in my life unlike any I have ever felt before. My life is not without ups and downs or struggles but I took it to heart a few years ago when the doctor told me I had to make lifestyle changes or else I would not survive. One of the biggest things I did was adjust my attitude and thinking, begin to take up meditation and find gratitude in every day as well as allow myself to be creative. I wonder if that is one of the traits that allow people to share the happiest parts of their lives with me as well as the most painful. My mother always says I have a bartender’s ear or should have been a therapist.

I hope you find joy and happiness in your life. Let your creativity shine. It is good for the soul.

6 thoughts on “Sunflowers, Photography & Peace

  1. Beautiful shot of the dragonfly! Thanks for sharing Becca…..I, too, have found peace and joy in the simpler things, especially in loving my husband. I am so blessed. I am glad you have found your peace too! Enjoy your Sunday!

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