Black-eyed Susans, Sunflowers & Flash with Josephine







I am not sure which I enjoy more walking into a field of corn or a field of sunflowers. I love doing both. I enjoy watching the corn grow and the fog that settles over the corn crops some evenings. It fascinates me. The sunflowers just make me smile every time. Just as being home makes me smile.

I am home again after two weeks away pet sitting. The best part about pet sitting this time were the very dark skies where I was. I saw so many more stars than I normally do. One of my life goals is to trek to a certified dark area to look at the night sky. Sad we have to certify areas as dark. Not sure if the human race is afraid of the dark and needs light all the time. I think the closest one to me is in Pennsylvania.

I love the photo of Flash and Josephine. I was scratching Josephine ears (she is the sheep) and Flash the horse came up to check us out. He started nuzzling her head. They stayed that way for a few moments. It made me feel part of something bigger than myself-three species communicating.

I have been photographing mostly flowers lately. I am drawn to their color. The magnolias are almost finished blooming as are the day lilies. I do love sunflowers. When I stepped into the sunflower field it was humming with all the bees buzzing around.

We did not get much rain from Hurricane Arthur but did get glorious cool winds for a day. We were far enough away from the storm so that the winds were not damaging. In contrast we have gotten whopping thunderstorms that have caused damage around the towns close to me. The lightning has been spectacular. The thunder ranges from rolling to ear splitting.

I hope you all have been well and safe from the weather affecting the many areas of the country and world. As always many thanks for stopping by.

Just curious if any of you have witnessed inter species communication. Cheers!

6 thoughts on “Black-eyed Susans, Sunflowers & Flash with Josephine

  1. It seems like there are a lot of pictures depicting horses and cats or dogs and cats getting along. I saw a picture of a dog nursing from a cow, and pups nursing from the dog.

    Perhaps the animals are trying to tell us something – they seem to get that different species are unique to them and they enjoy the uniqueness. We should be appreciating our uniqueness and sharing it with others.

    Peace, love and Light.

    Thank you for the wonderful post and pictures, Becca.

  2. We have lots of fields of corn around our home too, and I love watching it grow! Your pictures are lovely, especially the horse and the sheep. Made me smile! We’ve been lucky here, the weather hasn’t been too bad, and no forest fires this summer! Enjoy your days at home and thanks for sharing!

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