Painters, Pet Sitting and Friends






Today is the second to last day of Easton’s Plein Air Festival. I’ve enjoyed watching the painters around the town and county the past week. Watching where they set up, trying to guess what they are painting and to see if we see the same image. As I drove into a housing development where I pet sit a number of dogs I found five painters set up along the fence line which encloses a herd of Belted Galloway cows. I wanted to tell them everyone paints the cows. Mind you the cows are striking. So imagine my delight when I drove to my dog walking job and found the painter in the first picture set up by the pond painting the water lilies, dragonflies and rock formation. It is one of my favorite spots in the housing development. He waved at me across the pond. The festival encourages interaction with the artists and I’ve spoken with artists in the past, I just did not want to interrupt his painting. This is the first year I was not able to attend any function associated with the festival.

The rest of the photos are from the farm this morning. Flash the horse came over to check out the water trough I was filling. I was shocked to see the apples on the tree already. The sunflower field is almost past bloom. The bees are not buzzing about as much but now the deer and birds are starting to enjoy the seeds. And as always I love the flowers.

Pet sitting has been busy and at times challenging. I find it to be most fitting with my life. I love horse farms first and foremost but a very close second is pet sitting. I knew sitting in school for all the years I did that the nine to five life was not for me. I think it is why I enjoy the night shift at my part time job. I cannot fit into what most of the world finds normal. Nine to five. Ugh I’d go nuts.

I am looking forward the Chesapeake Balloon Festival August 1 and 2. I’m hoping to get great pictures again this year. I’d highly recommend it if you are in town.

I never thought when I started this blog that I would make so many friends. People who I have never met in person have become to me close friends and I really love that aspect. It brightens my day when I get comments on the blog or people email me. It is a world wide connection I never considered. Many thanks to everyone! Have a beautiful Sunday!

5 thoughts on “Painters, Pet Sitting and Friends

  1. Enjoying your blog very much, beautiful pictures, interesting thoughts. Thank you for sharing with us! I plan on having a Sunday of just relaxing, reading, a picnic with my favorite guy and maybe even a Dairy Queen visit to top off the day! Enjoy your Sunday too!

  2. Apples already??? Really???!!! I saw them in the orchards on my way to the barn a couple of days ago and couldn’t believe they were almost in full color in the middle of July! Very weird, especially considering that we’ve had a very cool summer compared to normal.

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