Life, Maine and Love





What’s the old saying “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” So much for my posting once a week. Life got hectic with car repairs, work, vacation and family. Tonight is the first time in a while I’ve had some free time and am not asleep! NYC is asleep, my charge for the night Nellie the beagle is snoozing so I thought I’d check in.

Before vacation I was working like a mad woman to get my car in tip top shape, to have spending money for vacation and still have my bills paid. I’m proud of myself that all got done and I came home with money in my pocket. I’m on track to be debt free by 2015. I even managed to get some Christmas shopping done. After years of working for a shipping company I’ve learned to shop early.

Maine as always was beautiful. I arrived in a driving rain storm. My sister and I gathered in my Mom and step dad’s room and we watched a spectacular thunder storm complete with two rainbows. It was wonderful! We all drove to Barnacle Billy’s in Perkins Cove Ogunquit. The lobster stew, lobster roll and rum punch were divine. I went back again the next night to close out their season. It’s become a tradition for me. After dinner my sister and I wandered the cove and found my favorite Maine painter’s shop open. We stopped in and got to talking with the shop keeper. She invited us back the next morning to possibly meet the painter. The next day mom, my sister and I walked the Marginal Way. My favorite seaside walk! After the Marginal Way we picked up my step dad and walked into town. We ended up at Bread and Roses Bakery. My sister and I got hot apple cider with caramel. Oh my heavens it was amazing!!! Monday evening I drove to my oldest sister’s home half an hour from Ogunqut. It was nice to visit and my brother in law made a fantastic dinner. As always when I was leaving he tried to give me a cat.

The pictures I’ve included in this post are my favorite home and Dr. Seuss tree on the Marginal Way and a bench on the Marginal Way. I sat there as a young child and teenager with my dad watching the sea or chatting. Now I sit there with my Mom and sisters.

The bottom two pictures I took tonight at the farm. A beautiful sunset after a cold, windy and rainy morning. And Hester my favorite elderly ewe. She is a sweetheart. They have put five of the lambs who are too young to breed in the pasture with elderly sheep. Josephine has become a nanny, Grace and Hester have a quiet patience with the lambs but keep their distance.

All in all life is beautiful. Tomorrow I’m heading to Baltimore for a canning class. I’m excited to learn what my grandmothers and great grandmothers used to do on a regular basis. I’m hoping that NYC will be able to visit this month. I’ve never had a relationship like this but I’m loving it. He is the first one I think of when I wake up every morning and the last thought I have before sleeping at night. Even though a physical distance of three states is between us I’ve never felt closer to person than I do with him.

I hope you have a wonderful November weekend and you had a fabulous Halloween. As always I appreciate the time you visit and leave comments.

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