Lambs, Spring & Lambs


Spring is arriving slowly but surely. Crocuses are starting to bloom, Canada geese are leaving for northern grounds while osprey arrive from their southern haunts and of course lambs are being born at the farm. So far there are fourteen lambs born. Only two are bottle babies whose mom is not making enough milk. 

I sometimes find it overwhelming caring for the ewes and lambs as I am not sure of myself and my abilities to care for them during birth and the day after. I turned all the ewes avid lambs outside today and they loved it. The lambs were troopers slogging through the mud puddle at the barn door. They needed a little encouragement to come back inside tonight. Jenn who helps me pet sit every so often walked all the way across the pasture and rounded everyone up very quietly while I manned the gate and corn. Jenn set about giving the bottle babies their bottle while I tried to round up one of the ewes who will not always let her lamb drink milk. She was quick and  agile in avoiding me. We wore each other out before I was able to pen her with Jenn’s help. 

Once all the lambs are born the care of everyone gets easier. I am used to working with horses and sheep are very different to care for. I do find being quiet around both of them does help a lot. 

The dog I’ve pictured here is Nigel. He is one cool dog that I care for. He keeps an eye on me when I watch him and is always nearby.

I am looking forward to more of spring with the flowers and trees blooming and warmer weather. I’m looking forward to time off from my night next month. I’m hoping to spend time with NYC. And finish my spring cleaning. But in the meantime I’m enjoying listening to the spring peeper frogs at night. Tonight at the farm it was a treat to hear swans fly overhead. 

I hope you are enjoying the first day of spring. What do you look forward to every spring?

One thought on “Lambs, Spring & Lambs

  1. I so look forward to hearing the robins sing early in the morning, and the first spring flowers blooming! We are having a gorgeous start to spring here in Colorado, which is unusual for us!

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