Happy New Year

Happy New Year. Wishing peace love and prosperity to all. It was a beautiful morning and I enjoyed capturing the images of the first few hours of sunlight. Mike and I sat down after the farm work was done to start our hopes dreams and projects journal for 2017. We even put a page in for what we would like to accomplish in five years. I find I achieve more if I write things down as I am inclined to take steps every day to achieve my goals. Writing things down helped settle Mike’s mind. I found myself dreaming big which is something I was reluctant to do in the past. We are looking to 2017 with hope and happiness. We have found a level of peace and happiness with each other that allow us to handle the hard parts of life. As always we are looking to the light be it in each other, the sun and even the tiniest pinprick of starlight that has traveled billions of years to reach us. Much love and appreciation to everyone. I look forward to seeing what 2017 brings.

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