Cows and Me

I have very rarely cared for cows in all the years I have been caring for animals. I find this group a happy, docile group who live down the road from us.

Funny now that I think about it-I currently care for dogs, cats, horses, sheep and chickens. I have cared for over the years-pigs, birds, iguanas, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas and lizards. I am not sure I would know how to act around cows. I’m sure I can learn. I love the way the cows quietly looked at me looking at them and taking their photos from my car. Mike barely looks up when I pull the car over suddenly to take photos. Sometimes he will take photos too but others he sits patiently waiting for me or he surfs the Internet on his phone.

I love that I live in farm country. I keep waiting for the winter wheat to sprout. In the spring corn, soybeans and sorghum will be planted. I’ve always wanted to ride in and drive a combine. I enjoy watching them move up and down the fields. Getting stuck behind farm equipment on the road is a way of life here. No one gets upset or bothered. Sometimes you have to pull into someone’s driveway to give the combine on the road room to get by.

Lambs will be on the way in March at the farm where I work. So far I have been lucky and the lambs pop out on their own. Both ewe and lamb waiting to be put in the nursery area for a day or two. The most I have done is having to move mom and lamb to the nursery-get the mom warm molasses water and hay while making sure the lamb can suckle to get milk. Last year we had four bottle babies. 

Mike and I are active in our local CSA and love it. We enjoy the wide variety of goodies that are harvested each week. I can almost taste the asparagus now. Growing up in central Massachusetts farms were few and the ones that were there were tucked into developments. So moving to Marylands eastern shore and now Delaware was an eye opening experience for me. Farms and farmland everywhere though now it is decreasing on Marylands eastern shore. I enjoy the open land and barns. I never thought I would ever be caring for chickens or sheep and certainly never ever thought I would be so involved in lambing but I have grown to love it. 

Maybe one day I will care for some cows but for now I just photograph them. 

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