Dover Delaware

I was surprised to find how comfortable I feel whenever I go to downtown Dover Delaware. It is more like a small town than the state capital. When I previously thought of capitals I think and have experienced Boston, Philadelphia and New York City. Dover is nothing like that. Ask most Americans about Dover and I am sure they will tell you nascar has two big races there a year. The racetrack is well outside of the downtown area and quite honestly ugly enhanced with an ugly mall beside it. But seeing as Delaware only has about three malls total the mall seems to keep chugging along. The other big thing in Dover is the Air Force Base.

I found myself traveling to the downtown area more and more for various appointments with Michael. What I love about Dover is the small town feel, lack of gridlock traffic and the cobblestone streets. It reminded me of growing up in Massachusetts. Colonial architecture and history was everywhere whether you wanted to see it or not. Dover has a quaint downtown historical district with many old buildings, churches and walking tours. I know cobblestone streets are hell but I love them and feel connected to the past everytime I am on one be it in the car or walking. Maybe because I am used to major cities that I find Dover so endearing. 

They have an art museum, history museum as well as a victrola museum. I have been to the art museum and hope to explore the history and Victrola museum this spring. 

With the Air Force base on the outskirts of Dover one gets used to seeing people dressed in military uniforms all around. I have gone to the base with Michael a few times and need to get more familiar with it. I know how to get there but still get a bit turned around once in a while. I was unaware and ignorant about what all marrying into military was all about. Mike makes it easy and everyone is very helpful. But I think I get tense when Mike says here is where you go to get everything straight when I die or if you need a new military id. I had no idea I needed a military id marrying Michael but now I have one. It lets me onto base without any issues. I get easily distracted once on base looking at the planes flying and also on the ground. 

But back to downtown Dover. I really feel at home there and enjoy walking without crowds and engaging people who you pass by on the sidewalks. In bigger cities some of that intimacy gets lost. 

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