Gray Skies & A Foul Mood

This sky pretty much sums up mood for today. I have a lingering cold that I have been struggling to get rid of and it was raining all day. I was not living in mindfulness but was in a full fledged blown out grumpy and irritable state. I was irritated that the vet and pharmacy did not have meadows medication ready for pick up despite calling yesterday to make sure they were ready. Michael handled it far better than I did. He seems to pick up when my frustration level is about to boil over. So he did the talking while in my head I was screaming at the pharmacist to stop talking and to just fill the damn prescription. After we ran our errands and stocking up as I start a ten day overnight pet sitting job tomorrow. So there was a lot of running around. I wanted to be in bed resting. Which I did when I got home. Mike very kindly covered me with an extra quilt as I wanted to be warm while resting and with my cold I was struggling to stay warm with flannel sheets a comforter and quilt. Needless to say I was warm when I woke up and felt better.

However I was bitchy to have to go into work. It was my first time working a whole shift with the new boss. He is entirely different from the last ten managers I have worked for. (The night went well.) I was dismayed to find a coworker took it upon themselves to talk to the new boss and tell them when my last day was. That is for me to decide and share. Everyone is beside themselves on trying to figure out when it will be. My boss and I at this point have left it open but I let him know when my potential target date is. He kindly offered me to stay longer. So it is an ongoing process at the moment. 

I have tried to be in the moment tonight but have found I am ensconced in my grumpiness. So hopefully tomorrow when I wake up I will be in a better mood. I don’t like being this way but I have decided to embrace it until tomorrow. To quote my mother whose favorite movie when we were growing up was gone with the wind…. Tomorrow is another day!

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