Dreams and Podcasts

I was not sure what to expect when Michael told me he wanted to put Edison lights adjacent to our dog run. Heck I wasn’t even sure what Edison lights were. I knew more about the history of the electric light bulb and electricity race between tesla and Edison but had no clue what the bulbs looked like. But to see the excitement and joy in Michael’s face when he described his vision how could I say no. Michael is more of a visionary than I am. I get stuck on certain ideas quite easily. Growing up I could never master Legos-I could build a mean tower before it fell over because I went too high but build a car, home, tree, etc was outside my grasp. I used to be afraid to color outside the lines to the point I stopped coloring as a child. I love it when Mike has the lights lit when I get home from work. I enjoy photographing the lights. In the sunlight, in the rain and snow.

Michael has many ideas and dreams that he thinks out in great detail and follows through. I on the other hand am apprehensive about dreams and am happy with the status quo as long as it is on my terms. I love being surrounded by my books, candles, art work and of course Michael and Meadow. I don’t ever think about how to enhance our property or home. Mike on the other hand cleared out a walking trail which the wildlife now use too. We watch the deer and foxes use it quite frequently. Mike has big dreams about building me bookcases. He also wants to build a garage. He has installed field cameras for us to observe wildlife. I know we have a lot around us. On a daily basis I hear pileated woodpeckers, blue jays, cardinals, juncos, titmice, thrashers, creepers and three different kinds of owls. We have a large herd of white tailed deer, many turkeys, red and gray foxes and raccoons. The titmice and junco enjoy perching near the Edison lights.

I am on an overnight pet siting job for the next ten days. I realized tonight how much I enjoy Michael cooking for us. I found the quick microwave meal I purchased that I used to love when I was single, tasted nasty tonight. I will head home tomorrow briefly to shop at the local orchard’s winter two day opening. They officially open I think in April. We love the ground beef and bison they sell. We love to make chili with it. 

I have greatly downsized my business since moving in with Michael. It is much easier to overnight pet sit when one is single. I used to do overnight pet sitting so much I was hardly home but three months a year. Now I am only gone maybe two months total. I get a lot of reading and podcast listening done when pet sitting. I am almost caught up on my podcast listening. Do you listen to podcast? Which ones? Four of my recent favorites are They Walk Among Us, the Assassination, Heavens Gate and Spooked. 

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