Letting Go & Not Being Judged

The sunset was a real treat after a weekend filled with much rain. It took me a while to get home today due to two detours from high water at two different rivers. We got five inches of water in forty eight hours. On the other side of things it has been quite warm. Last night I saw two large brown bats, today I swore I saw an osprey but can’t be absolutely sure and tonight I heard a few spring peepers. 
I loved seeing the sunset tonight at parked myself at the front desk at work so I could watch it. I am often amazed that my coworker’s do not wish to experience the sunset or for that matter look up. Sometimes I look up so much at the sun, moon, stars, birds and clouds that I miss things on the ground. There is so much beauty all around and most people miss it going from point a to point b. Live in the moment is how I try to be though not always successfully. Lately I have been struggling to let go of my emotions and feelings when others act out or say cruel things. I get tired of being judged by others until I realize that I am the only one bothered by the judging. Come aboard my ship of you wish but leave your negativity, bigotry and condescending ways behind. They are not welcome in my life.

One thought on “Letting Go & Not Being Judged

  1. I don’t know how much snow 5 inches of rain would make, but we got 15 inches of snow in about the same 48 hour period. It’s all melting now and turning into treacherous slush. Today was really weird–it was foggy from last night through today and into tonight. Foggy, as in, can’t see more than 50 feet in front of you. Would have appreciated a nice sunset today!

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