Magical Connections

It was magical at the farm tonight with a beautiful sunset and a connection with the animals and other spirits. It was quiet but for the sounds of the animals-geese calling, ducks quacking, chickens cooing and the chewing sounds of the horses and sheep eating their hay. I took some photos of the inside of the hay barn where I have encountered a spirit before but this time I was told to go back outside and they would help. I said nothing to Michael. I did not want to influence him looking for things that were not there. Michael is an empath and also in tune with the other side but is unsure of his abilities. We were gathering up the feed buckets from the horses when I saw a look cross Mike’s face. I asked him what he was feeling and he said someone is behind me. I said I know. It is a spirit of someone who worked at the farm about one hundred fifty years ago. He cared for the animals too and sometimes just checks up on us to make sure we are caring for the animals as well as he did in his day. The spirit is calm and I have encountered him before usually a couple of times a year. Mike seemed relieved and felt a connection with a fellow animal caretaker. 

The farm is deeded from 1635. It was in one family for over three hundred years-lots of history here. I often wonder if Frederick Douglass was ever here as he was a slave at a property about five miles away. Maybe he came to this property after he was freed. It is the 200th year since his birth and the county is pulling out all stops with park dedications, speeches, descendants speaking and tours of his life as well as Harriet Tubman. I know the farm I work on currently had many slaves to run the property and I think of them often and what their life was like. The estate where Frederick Douglass was has many traces of voodoo and traditions built into the property that the slaves brought with them. I have a feeling the spirit who was with us tonight was a slave but holds no animosity towards only a kinship of animal caretakers. 

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