Snow geese, Tundra swans & the Universe

Snow geese on the Maryland Delaware border. I love the call of the snow geese and was excited to see quite a few blue phase snow geese in this flock. The flock was a bit smaller than the one I saw yesterday. I am glad they are still around though I imagine they will be heading back north soon. I love all the wildlife that I share my world with in Delaware. Michael built our home close to the woods and the result is many mammals and birds as well as amphibians visit us and share the land. I love the gray and red foxes who visit and treat us to their screams at night. I delight at the owls and spring peepers frogs who call at night too. I saw my first pileated woodpeckers here on the property. I’m trying to find their nesting site. My favorite are the rufous sided towhee and blue towhee. The deer have no fear of us. We get a kick out the raccoon family who sometimes visit. 

Another favorite of mine though they don’t visit our property but visit nearby is the tundra swans

I get such inspiration and joy from nature, wildlife and the universe itself. Nothing helps ground me better than looking up in the night sky and to know I am looking back in time. It is truly mind bending and mind blowing. I imagine what the other stars and planets look like. What would a nebula look like up close? I have many ideas in my head that I hope to put on paper soon. 

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