Seeing What was Always There

Sitting again in a doctor’s waiting room listening to my podcasts and reflecting on lots of things. Once again the stars on the buildings across the street and adjacent to the doctors office captured my attention. I love discovering things that have always been there but I only recently noticed. Someone suggested they are the ends of support rods in the buildings. I hope to head to the historical records and archives building just down the street from the doctors office. Hopefully within a month or so. 

Michael and I have been getting odds and ends in order to facilitate my leaving ups in late fall.  We are doing a heavy spring cleaning inside the house and disgarding of that which no longer serves us. We are also getting small things fixed. We are having the carpets cleaned this weekend. We looked last night at the usda chart of the monthly costs for food for a couple and were astonished to find we fall under the thrifty option in the amount of money we spend. Some have sniffed at where we shop as being expensive and excessive. But to each his own. We have our reasons for shopping where we do. I have been taking boxes of things to goodwill and a local library. I hope to donate a couple of books to a few free little libraries scattered around the various towns near us. 

Michael and I have been steadfast on communicating daily and also sharing what we are thankful and grateful for every day. It is a big part of our lives and keeps us grounded. I believe once you lose site of gratefulness and thankfulness you lose part of yourself and can easily fall into the trap of bitterness and anger. Communicating is essential in all aspects of life. 

I hope that my eyes continue to open to what is there but I had not seen before. Much like the stars on the buildings. 

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