A Single Step

We are getting ready for the wind tomorrow associated with the nor’easter going through. Thankfully we don’t have much that will blow around and the only thing we did move to safety was a fire pit grill. We are ready. Tonight was the first time I could remember drivers being frightened of the impending weather. We are supposed to have wind blowing all day from 30-70 mph. 

Michael and I have been on a journey since we met. We both started out journey before meeting and I truly believe we would not have been ready for each other prior to when we met. I believe we bring out and highlight the best in each other. Michael is truly learning to be himself again. Especially without the military. I love to make him smile and laugh as I love how he makes me laugh. We are becoming a wonderful team and I look forward to many years together. 

A journey starts with a single step and I am glad we were both brave enough to take the first one. 

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