Hear Me Roar! Said the storm

The nor’easter that blew through lived up to its hype. Mike and I went out to run errands and we’re both almost knocked off our feet when exiting a store. That is the first time that has happened to me since I was a small child.  I left for work Friday the wind was howling and ugly. I was constantly adjusting the steering wheel to the right as I drove. Every twenty feet it seemed I had to do this to stay in a straight line. When I arrived at work I could see the bay door flexing in and out with the wind blowing through the holes in the building. As I entered the building fear filled me as the wind shook the roof, the doors were banging in the frames and the walls were almost breathing. I honestly did not think the building was going to survive the onslaught of the winds. I allayed my fears by trying to stay close to a door in case the building did start to come apart. I was thankful my boss was going to check off the package cars for me as I was also filling in for a coworker on vacation. However, I ended up having to venture outside to check off the cars. Twice the clipboard went flying out of my hands and sailed down the parking lot. I stayed away from the tractor trailers as I feared them either moving or turning over and I did not want to be near them. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge was closed much of the day and night due to the winds. 

Around seven pm Michael texted me to let me know that a tree fell onto one of our sheds. It came down with an all mighty crash. The tree split the shed in two and destroyed much of what was in there. Thankfully nothing fell on our home. We were blessed and the insurance company told us all is covered. But as with most things it will take time as many others also incurred damage. When I left work for the evening it was again an adventurous ride home this time I had to constantly steer to the left to stay straight. Amazingly the roads were clear until I got close to home. Near home many pine trees lost branches then I turned up our drive and only got about half way when I had to stop to clear the driveway. It took me about twenty minutes to clear the drive and of course my phone had no service so I could not call Mike to help me. I easily moved most small limbs but two larger ones presented a challenge. I remembered my Jr high school lessons on fulcrum and levers. I managed to pivot one limb on a fence line and clear it off the drive. The final limb had my swearing with exertion and anger but I am woman hear me roar and the limb finally moved so I could continue up the drive to home. Michael was glad when I arrived home finally. He had already gotten things started with the insurance company. He is wonderful in handling things and much more patient on the phone than me. Michael has patience with people where I get frustrated with them. And my patience that I have in abundance is with animals. 

Yesterday the winds were still strong at thirty five mph but a nice reprieve from seventy mph. We had a spectacular sunset which is what the last two photos show. 

This weekend will be our last “quiet” weekend until April as lambing will be in full swing next week. Mike and I are still spring cleaning and getting odd jobs done. I imagine we will be looking for a new shed soon! Hope you made out ok if you are on the east coast of the US. 

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