Small Towns & Good Food

Michael said when this man pulled up and parked his tractor in front of the restaurant that you can tell when you live in a small town. I laughed and said you know the food is good when you drive your tractor to get lunch. We recently discovered this sweet gem of an eatery the next town over. It is family owned and very affordable with authentic Spanish and American food. It is a very laid back place and we love it there. We have even been deemed as regulars which is new for both Michael and myself. 

Today did not go at all as we planned and I found myself getting frustrated and angry. I wanted my day off to be special. It took the demolition guys longer than I thought to finish clearing the shed. I had really been looking forward to going to the wildlife refuge and museum. It will always be there and we can certainly go another time. When all was said I done the shed was gone the area cleared now we have to wait. We ended the afternoon treating ourselves to dinner at the above mentioned restaurant. Our favorite waitress had our table, the food was plentiful and wonderful. Mike and I shared a dessert and talked about what we have to do at the farm this weekend. We may be in for the first lambs of the season being born this weekend. Four ewes are due. I am excited for it but would not be unhappy if they all waited until Monday to lamb. 

We returned home and drove up the drive. I stopped at one point and told Mike to clear his mind and imagine looking at our place with new eyes. What a difference it is to have to shed gone. It looks neat and clean again with the broken shed. 

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