Mercury do you see me too?

As always from dawn to dusk I chased the sun and light. The Canada geese pair usually nest somewhere around the pond every year. I enjoy watching them. 

I have found chasing light helps maintain a constant in my life when everything else is in upheaval. Every time I think our life will quiet down something else rears up. We handle most of it quietly and I do not wish to come across as a drama queen but sometimes I just want more than an hour of peace at a time. It has been a nonstop crazy ride for over two years. Even my dreams have been busy while I sleep and I have been waking up disoriented and confused. Lately I have been dreaming about my father who died many years ago, I have also been dreaming about forgetting pet sitting jobs and being transported to the far end of the universe where time ceases to exist. 

Tonight was special for me as I was able to show Michael Mercury and Venus in the western sky not long after sunset. It was only the second time in my life I have seen Mercury.

I wonder if Mercury saw me. 

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