What do you believe?

The area where Michael and I live is steeped in history. Not history like Europe and Asia have but old for what North America has. The area has many places where the Underground Railroad was very active, Frederick Douglass was born and enslaved near here prior to becoming the statesman and orator. Many Indian tribes lived in the Chesapeake region. The farm Michael and I work at one the weekends is deeded at 1639. There is a well known ghost who allegedly haunts the main house. However, I was recently told it is not whom everyone thinks it is. But I digress.

I have seen spirits a number of times at the farm but mostly hear them. Earlier in the spring Michael and I heard someone who sounded as if they were getting a table ready for a meal-we could hear chairs and tables being moved as well as pots, pans and dishes being clanged about. We listened to it for about twenty minutes. Leaving the area to tend to the animals before going back. We knew we were on the farm alone as all were away for weekend activities. I said to Michael I am going to check and see if an animal was possibly trapped or maybe even a bird. The noises got louder and louder as we approached the barn. I yanked open the door and jumped inside the room only to find everything go quiet and nothing out of place. Both Michael and I distinctly heard chairs and tables being moved and things being moved about almost in annoyance. We asked our boss about the spirits on the farm. He joked with us and asked if we had been enjoyed some liquor prior to work. We had not. He then hypothesized that there was a dog and company staying in the main house and perhaps that had upset the spirit who came to the barn and garage building in frustration. It really was something to hear. 

Which brings us to this past weekend. Our boss was gone with his family on vacation while a coworker who lives on the property was on a fishing trip which again meant Michael and I were alone on the farm. I was coming down the stairs of another building when I heard Michael insistently call me in a loud whisper. He said someone is banging around in the break room. We checked to make sure no animals or birds were trapped causing the ruckus. It was something otherworldly. I often wonder if they know how loud they are being-do they want us to hear them? Or are they irritated?

To hear and see them does not bother me. It is almost normal to me as I have seen and heard things since I was a small child. Michael sometimes is alarmed by what he hears and struggles to find a rational reason. 

We had a discussion driving home as to whether or not reincarnation occurs, if spirits are around. I always think back to Albert Einstein and E=mc2. Energy is neither created or destroyed. I believe our energy lives on in many forms. 

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