I have written over the years my experiences with bipolar depression and more recently about Michael and living with PTSD. One of the things his therapist recently suggested was reading a book or story. She said it would help quiet his mind and shift his focus from the past and over analyzing. I, of course loved this suggestion as I have bookcases filled with books-fiction, non-fiction, poetry, kids books and young adult reading. I have struggled to find time to read over the past few years-it seemed like a luxury of time I did not permit myself to have. Recently I have shifted my priorities and am on a quest to unbusy and unclutter my life. With Michael’s help and suggestions we have been working towards what is important to us. But getting back to the reading. I am on a two and a half week per sitting job so I picked out two short stories that I thought may jump start Mike’s desire to read. He always claims to only read technical manuals especially after all his years in the Air Force. I explained the goal of reading was to immerse yourself in another world not learn how to fix a plane train or auto. Well needless to say leaving out the stories for him to read did not work as I planned. Today I was driving home to spend some time with Michael. I listen to many podcasts to learn and to pass time especially while driving. I was listening to StarTalk Radio with Neil deGrasse Tyson interview Salman Rushdie. Mr. Rushdie brought up the science of the mind that shows when you read a story your entire brain focuses on the story and not to your internal yamma yamma monkey mind. He likened it to a drug. When I explained that to Michael I saw a light go on-now he understood why his therapist recommended it to him. So to kick start the reading I started reading Roald Dahl’s short story A lamb to the slaughter. One of my favorite stories. Michael quickly became wrapped up in the story. After about fifteen minutes I had finished the story. I suggested we read a book together-something fun, easy and one that I had two copies of. Tomorrow we are starting to read Harry Potter. I am hoping by vacation in two weeks that we will be starting book two.

What are your favorite books to read?

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