Killens Pond State Park

Michael and I went to Killens Pond State Park not far from our home. I had hoped to do some birding which we did but not as much as I had wanted. Still we did see two bald eagles, pileated woodpeckers, robins, mockingbirds and chickadees. We started walking and we decided to walk the perimeter of the pond which ended up being 2.6 miles. It took us about an hour and a half to walk the length of the pond side trail. We got about a third of he way around when mike asked if we would be turning back. I told him I wanted to walk the whole trail. It was a pleasant walk-up and down hills, across bridges and wooden footpaths and always in site of the pond. We marveled at the height of the trees and how many the pileated woodpeckers were working on. There were benches that had been placed along various points of the trail by Eagle Scouts. I sat on a few of them to rest.

It was a wonderful time to forget about my worries and troubles. I felt good I could walk the 2.6 miles with minimal trouble from my asthma. I have been working hard on losing weight and exercising more. I have lost ten pounds so far and was quite pleased that I was able to walk without wheezing.

It has been a time of contemplation and renewal for me. I have been quite troubled by things that have been going on but honestly there is nothing I can do about most of it. Michael heeded my call to do something fun today. We both enjoyed our walk and look forward to exploring more of the state parks in Delaware. There are a lot of nice ones nearby as well as national refuges. We hope to get annual passes to the state park and refuges.

I took all the photos for this piece today at the park.

10 thoughts on “Killens Pond State Park

  1. Such a lovely place for a walk. I love to do that too, and there are several places to do it nearby, but not quite as lovely as this one (or is all credit due to your photography LOL?)

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