Little Steps

A recent sunset

After visiting my mom this morning I decided I wanted to start my big purge. When I arrived home Michael had already headed to the gym. Like me, he has big plans for this year-getting super fit and advancing in Taekwondo. I was overwhelmed at first and nearly gave in to watching tv and doing nothing else today.

I started in the kitchen and started on three cabinets and the countertops. It took me a while but I achieved all I set out to as we now have much more counter space and all of the spices we cook with are in easy reach and those we don’t are put away. For me it is so easy to just keep arranging things to fit but now I have found I needed to do better. I found spices that expired two to five years ago. I realized that I need to be kind to myself and take time to get things done. I cannot embrace the does it give me joy downsizing that is so popular. I decided I need to take it at my own pace and allow a few days to week per room. I am hoping goodwill would like what we are downsizing. I am eager to tackle our closet and clothes. We have donated quite a bit to planet aid.

If nothing else the pandemic make me take stock, appreciate my friends and family more and that I really do love to cook! Little steps each day and I think I will achieve my goal by February.

After working on the house I am hoping that I can have my next heart procedure in the spring and then I can start exercising in earnest. Right now it is difficult for me due to some of the heart medications I take.

Thanks for reading!

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