Walking into 2021

Valentine the sweetest Mammoth Donkey

I am on day four of my decluttering and downsizing. So far so good. I almost have the kitchen finished then onto the dining room and living room. It’s funny when you realize you have a set of pots and pans you use all the time and the rest just sit there unused. Perhaps that is why experts say don’t buy sets of things.

The past two years have been a whirlwind and unlike any I would have imagined for myself. This past year has been most challenging with my heart issues, my mom’s health issues, finding time to get things done, the virus and maintaining relationships.

I am hopeful for a positive 2021. I try to find the good as it is so easy to focus on the negative and ugliness. I am grateful and truly blessed for my life and hope 2021 brings you great joy, peace, light and love.

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