Slaughter Beach Delaware

After a big start in downsizing I have not done a darn thing towards it over the past four days. Grocery shopping and other things have come up. I am hopeful to get back on the train tomorrow.

I visit my mom every day. We have half an hour time slot to chat face to face. My mom sits in a plexiglass enclosure attached to the outside of the building she lives in and I am on the outside of that. She is adjusting well to assisted living. I at times feel guilt about having her there but they are most equipped to handle her health and memory issues. I never imagined any of this occurring but life is like that. I also call my mom every day to speak with her in the evening. I am one of the few family members that visits as a lot of mom’s neighbors don’t have anyone visiting them. A lot of the time I wave at the neighbors and get a smile. Due to cornavirus and the president’s total denial and ineptness at handling the issues I am not able to visit my mom in person or even see her new apartment. I am hoping maybe I will be allowed inside late spring or summer.

I have also gotten back into reading again. And have so far read two books and am half way through my third book. I really missed it. My mom and I discuss books a lot.

I have also upped my cooking skills and enjoy it very much. I find it relaxing and sparks my creativity. Always hoping to be creative whether through photography, writing or cooking.

I hope 2021 has started well for you!

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