Compassion and balance

Kwan Yin in my living room

Kwan Yin is the goddess of compassion and this country needs that now. After seeing how trump and his supporters overran the Capital yesterday I am upset, appalled and sad. It frightens me that people believe his lies and follow him blindly. I remember when I was not allowed into the Capital building because I had a mini Swiss Army knife in my pocket that I use to cut hay bales open. So how then was the Capital so easily overtaken by the mob incited by trump and Giuliani. The looting, disrespect and downright violence of the day was very sad, disturbing and made me angry. I am trying hard to stay centered and balanced. I have been giving reiki to myself and the situation. Reiki helps me remain calm and find the energy of the universe. I offer distance reiki at this time if anyone is interested.

When I visited my mom today the violence in Washington yesterday was all we talked about. My mom shared with me the various president’s that have been in office over her eighty five years. It was a walk through history with her today. It was a lively talk and a treat since my mom has been developing memory issues.

One of the ways I find my center is walking in nature on our property. I love watching the birds, deer, raccoons and possums that visit us. I and Meadow, my husband’s service dog had an encounter with two beautiful red foxes sitting at the far end of our field. One of the foxes went into the woods when Meadow barked briefly. The other fox just watched us. Last night we had a gray fox visit.

Thank you for stopping by and sending you light, love and reiki.

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