My Mom and me

My mom and I from Mothers Day three years ago

Well I am sorry to say my downsizing came to a complete halt on New Year’s Day. I am hoping to get back to it on Tuesday. I still have big plans to get it knocked out and completed soon. I have been talking about it for years and hope to be successful this time.

I visit my mom every day now. I am not allowed inside the assisted living facility due to the COVID virus but my mom and I enjoy our visits through the plexiglass room the facility has set up. We have had very lively conversations the past few days over what had happened in DC on January 6. She has also been sharing with me the books she has been reading. I am grateful for these conversations as at times her memory can be foggy.

Well I have to stop for now as my husband and I have to head to the farm where we care for sheep and horses.

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