Frost and Time Travel

My husband Michael pointed out the frost on the butterfly bush this morning as the sun came out. My iPhone stopped taking photos a little while ago so I went out with his iPad. I loved the way the frost looked. It really made the sunflower stand out. I accidentally flushed a wren when I walked around the bush.

I am looking forward to cooking some new dishes over the next few weeks. Last week I made beef short ribs and until I smelled it cooking I had no idea it was a dish my maternal grandmother would make for us when we would visit. I mentioned it to my mom who affirmed that I was indeed correct. My mom told me she also cooked it. It was really good and easy to make. I love to cook and find it relaxing.

Michael and I have been working on our property recently. We have had two loads of fill dirt delivered and Michael is singlehandedly spreading it at our turn around area as well as some low spots in our yard. We have low areas that become ponds when it rains for an extended time. Michael has also been keeping us supplied in firewood as that is our source of heat.

I have of course been busy cleaning and downsizing. I at times find it hard to downsize especially my books. I find such joy in them. I also struggle with donating things to reputable organizations. Clothes, books, dishes, etc. I was using Facebook’s sale site but since the virus started I stopped.

I am enjoying watching the night sky in winter. The last few nights the moon sets early so the stars are incredibly bright and brilliant. I love watching Orion. I was hoping to see the aurora a month ago but sadly it did not come this far south. I find it humbling to view the nights sky knowing I am looking back in time and did not need a Tardis to go back in time.

Check our the night sky if you get a chance it really is amazing in winter.

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