Mom and some observations

Ship on the Atlantic Rehoboth Beach DE

I received an email from the facility where mom lives today. They are relaxing their visiting restrictions. I hope to be able to visit my mom in her room soon. Tomorrow we are meeting on the front porch. Just prior to writing this I signed up for the waitlist to get my vaccination. Michael gets his second shot next week.

I am a little surprised at how quickly some of my mom’s memory is leaving her. Sometimes she is sharp as a tack but other times she repeats herself and cannot remember names or details. We still bond over the movie Arthur. Mom said to me when I left one visit last week “usually one must go to a bowling alley to me someone of your stature.” We chat about current events and books she is reading. She is still feisty and happy but sometimes it rips my heart out with her memory leaving.

I try to explain to family and friends about her memory loss but because mom can keep it together for the time of a phone call they don’t seem to understand my concern. I am grateful for the visits and phone calls we have most every day. Life sure can throw curveballs. My first cousins are helping me with mom’s home and Michael has been doing some painting and yard work.

I am currently reading two books. Getting away with murder about Benazir Bhutto’s Assassination and A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson. It is a laugh out loud book after the heaviness of the Bhutto book. I have had some new pencils come via the mail and look forward drawing soon. Sometimes I draw like Rothko painted and other times I actually try to draw what I see.

I have been trying to expand my reiki efforts. I sent reiki to a friend today and give Michael reiki most every night. I give myself reiki too. I hope to do more with animals soon. I am looking into how to teach people animal reiki too. I have also been using divination cards for myself recently and helps me find calm and balance.

I have been enjoying the winter sky with Orion being most prominent. I love when spring comes with the earth coming alive and the spring peeper’s calling. I do miss Orion when it leaves.

2 thoughts on “Mom and some observations

  1. I think you would enjoy a very small book, “the Hen who Dreamed She Could Fly”. A book from Korea but many universal truths and I found it a moving but short read – about 3 hours.

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