Lambs, Updates & Hopes

Lambing season is in full swing

As you can tell from the photo it is lambing time at the farm. It has been a successful season so far. Sadly one morning when Michael and I arrived at the farm we found two newborn lambs dead. Their mother’s reacted differently. One called for two days for her lamb while the other went out into the field and resumed eating grass. Last Sunday when we starting afternoon chores we found twin lambs recently born happily standing with their mom. She had cleaned them off and they were nursing. The other lambs who had been born the previous two weeks were all running around in a pack and in general having a great time.

I received my first Covid vaccination on Tuesday. The state of Delaware made it very easy from the sign up to the vaccine itself. As someone who fears needles and usually passes out I did not even know when the vaccine was injected in me until the nurse was putting a bandaid on the site. The only side effect I had was incredible fatigue about two hours after the vaccine. I napped and went to bed early. I woke up the next morning without any pain in my arm nor the fatigue I had the day before. I am thankful for the vaccine and grateful how easy the whole process was from beginning to end. I get my second shot in three weeks.

The facility where my mom lives has opened up outdoor visits with no time limits. They have a covered front porch as well as a lovely courtyard. Mom loves the courtyard. We now visit for about an hour each day. We have lively conversations but also enjoy silence and just being in each other’s company. It has been quite a journey. Most days she is very present and aware but others she forgets details and loses her way mid sentence. Thankfully at this point most of her memory is still intact but I see a little more leave each day. She is happy and told me we all have to make our own happiness where ever we are. She likes to bring her newspaper with her when we visit and we discuss one or two articles. I am allowed to take her out for social activities and appointments but so far she has not wanted to that and I think she feels most secure at the facility.

Michael’s truck is down at the moment so I have been taking him to the gym on base. I am learning my way around Dover Air Force Base. I am still getting used to shopping at the commissary for groceries. It is set up like a normal grocery store however when you check out you are expected to tip the person who bags your groceries, they also wheel it out to your vehicle and load it for you. I have never seen anything like it. Michael of course was familiar with it. The woman who bagged our groceries was from South Korea. She became very excited when she saw Michael’s face mask. Michael has a South Korean flag on his mask. He wears it in honor of the Taekwondo he is involved with at Yoon’s in Dover. She bowed to us after loading our car and I remembered from Michael’s classes to bow averting my eyes and putting my hands on the center of my waist as I bowed. She seemed surprised we were familiar with this. It was a wonderful encounter.

Today after Michael’s private Taekwondo class we stopped at a drive through restaurant to order lunch. When we arrived at the window we were shocked to find the person before us had paid for our meal. Michael was amazed and so touched. It made our day. Random acts of kindness make a difference. It was good for Michael to experience as with his ptsd he has a tendency to focus on the negative and be suspicious of good.

I meet with my cardiologist this month and will hopefully be able to schedule my next surgery. It will be my longest surgery ever at four hours but I am told it is a fairly common procedure. I am hoping to be able to exercise more after the surgery and maybe even take Taekwondo this year. The medication I am currently on regulates my heart rate so I am restricted at how hard it will beat. It can be very frustrating to not be able to exercise and do more but I am hopeful.

I hope you all are doing well and enjoying spring. It is supposed to freeze tonight but then warm up Sunday to the sixties and seventies. Thanks for stopping by!

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