At fault, thoughts and shortages

Ice formation in the mulch where my mom lives
Ice formation in mulch
Frozen rain spout at my mom’s
Tall trees on our property

Well I was found at fault by the insurance company for the car accident last month. I guess they have to put the fault on someone. The police did not fault me. Oh well. Now on to the hunt for a new used car. I have been driving a Honda Accord and am enjoying it. I am not too crazy about the steering wheel shaking if I go over either line in the road. In the past year I have also driven a Nissan suv and another car that did not stand out. The last car I owned prior to the one I just totaled they do not make anymore.

The temps are going to be dropping again tonight. Down in the teens. What a change from a month ago when it was in the sixties. I am enjoying the cold. The wind gets a little much at times but I sure do love listening to it howl through the trees. There may or may bit be snow Sunday. It is still to be determined.

I am slowly getting things done around the house. I am being kind to myself and allowing myself time. I want it all done now but I realize it will take a while. I have an end view in site. I am always fond of winter clean outs. I hate spring cleaning. When spring arrives I want to be outside. Warm sun, birds calling and new stars in the night sky.

Life is always changing. Always moving even when I don’t want to. I try very hard to be mindful but sometimes get caught up in emotions over things that cannot be changed or undone. Where is the Tardis when you need it.

I grocery shopped today and knew about shortages but was surprised at where the empty shelves were. The bread aisle was almost empty, chicken was down to two broilers, the meat and pork was half empty, pasta was totally empty. Thankfully we are able to get our meat and pork from friends who raise cows, pigs and sheep.

The other hard thing to find today was pet safe melt for ice. Strange times we are living in. I understand supply and demand but naively thought shortages don’t happen in American. Boy have I learned. I still remember a commentator saying the United States is a glorified third world country. I remember feeling shocked and angry when I heard it but more and more I am starting to understand it.

Stay warm and I hope the electric stays on where you are. Happy January 14th.

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