Checking in

Autumn on the Choptank River Greensboro MD
Maple changing colors in our yard
Hunter Moon over a field of soybeans

It has been a while since I wrote last. My thanks to those who still read my blog.

As things change so they remain the same. Michael and I are still together though it has been tenuous at times. Most days are good some days are not. I never imagined I would be in a marriage that can be a roller coaster but here I am. For now all is good. We inherited two cats recently from a pet sitting client of mine who is terminally ill. The one cat Zander took to Michael right away while Leo remained hidden for ten days. Last night he decided I might be ok and sat with me for over an hour. Neither Michael and I are cat people but we are trying.

We have been to Warrior Canine Connection three times now for Michael to work with different dogs. He has gotten attached to two dogs. One has already been paired with another veteran so hopefully Michael will get paired with a dog soon though we were told it can take one to three years. We had to put Meadow down about two months ago as she developed a fast moving cancer in her digestive tract. It was so fast and so heartbreaking. Michael is taking it hard. I miss her very much. She became my companion after Michael retired her. She was often with me wherever I was in the house.

I am working hard to find time for myself each day. Caregiving full time for my husband and part time for my mom exhausts me. I have recently taken up tai chi again and love it. I have gotten back to my photography and hope to pair it more with my writing. I also have many books to catch up on! I may never read all of them before I leave the earth.

I hope this finds everyone well! I have missed the blog. Namaste.

4 thoughts on “Checking in

  1. Namaste. And kudos to you for your efforts caretaking 2 people! I may try Tai Chi some day. We did Ai Chi (spelling?) as pool exercise class at my local physical therapy. They’ve had awesome results with individuals. I too am super fond of photography and have gotten very involved with posting to whenever I get photos of birds, insects, plants – citizen science fun. Reading too! I like reading your blog because I relate so well. My hubby is older than I am and has had 2 big surgeries and another big injury the last three years. It’s very challenging.

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