Autumn Reflections

Changing color
Autumn color on a path
Leaves in a water trough at work
Hamilton at the Hippodrome Theater in Baltimore

Hello again!

Saturday evening I attended Hamilton at the Hippodrome Theater in Baltimore. One of my best friends has season tickets and offered me the opportunity to see Hamilton with her. What an amazing show! I understand why it won so many Tony’s. Time flew especially the second half it seemed as though we got seated after intermission and then they were doing the bow at the end of the show. I am so glad I was able to attend. I look forward to My Fair Lady in January. I forgot how much I love musicals.

It was beautiful coming home Saturday night over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. It was clear there was a half moon in the sky and the water was still. There was ten ships with their lights on waiting to go to the port of Baltimore. The western bridge was closed so there was two way traffic on the eastbound bridge. And by the time I arrived home around 1am Orion was just clearing the tree line. Orion is one reason I look forward to winter.

I am working hard on my tai chi. I find it difficult to carve out time but mostly I practice while in the kitchen waiting for water to boil or things to finish frying. I learned tai chi twenty years ago but stopped doing it for whatever reason. However I love getting back to it.

Leo and Zander have settled in nicely. Leo finally came out after ten days in hiding. He has attached himself to me but is warming up to Michael. Zander has definitely taken to Michael. Funny thing is I cared for Zander for ten years while his owner traveled. Zander wants little to do with me. Michael is fascinated at how connected he is with Zander.

I have been enjoying watching the trees change color. It is nothing like what I grew up with in New England but I enjoy the trees changing. I have also been exploring the land for all the different mushrooms and fungi that have popped up too.

I was talking with a friend who asked what are my dreams. To my horror I realized that I had stopped dreaming a while ago. I get up each day and hit the ground running- getting Michael going on his day and then I drive to see my mom. I come home and do chores around the house and property. I have not thought of any dreams yet but I am enjoying doing little things for myself-going to Hamilton, tai chi, walking our property, getting a massage and finally downsizing my extensive book collection. I realized I will never read all of them and someone else can enjoy them. I am keeping all of my signed books and horse books. But I think it would help me mentally not to have so many to be read books. I really want to draw and paint some of the photos and tours I have been taking on heygo.

I am working hard to make sure I put myself first sometimes rather than second third or last.

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